A Note From Dr Mungadze

Do you have problems with anxiety, sleep disturbances, addictions, depression or mood disorders?

Did you know that highly stressful and traumatic experiences can alter the way the brain perceives, interprets, and applies incoming information, and these alterations can affect the way your brain functions leading to an array of physical and emotional issues?

Though drug therapy and behavior modification efforts may offer temporary help, they will not fix your problems long term, because they do not get to the root of the problem–the alterations in your brain.

You need a treatment approach that identifies the disruptions in your brain and aids your brain in correcting anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions, relational disruptions, or traumatic experience or catastrophic events .

Dr. Jerry Mungadze, and his highly trained staff  understand how the brain communicates through creative techniques expressed through the right brain. Right Brain Therapy is much like physical therapy for your “brain.”  It is literally re-training your brain. When there are deep wounds and hurts that cause interruptions in how the brain functions it can cause disruptions in how the brain functions.  It is scientifically proven that the part of the brain that connects the Right brain (hemisphere) to the left brain (hemisphere), called the Corpus Callosum; actually shrinks and this makes it difficult for information to travel back and forth.  The right brain “feels” a situation or incident, but the left brain will look at that situation or incident and decipher, analyze, and  “tell” the right brain that the situation is safe or potentially harmful.  Each part of the brain has a certain job, and if that job is interrupted it cannot function the way it was meant to.  With RBT you learn how to correct those interruptions.  Unlike other treatment models, RBT is a treatment tool so that you are not depending on others for your healing.

Psychological, emotional and physical issues are best expressed by the right brain so any therapies that utilize the right brain will be more effective.  Words either in spoken form or written form are not the only way to communicate a person’s thoughts or feelings.  So, the use of non-verbal and symbolic forms of communication is an important pathway to understanding and growth.  When dealing with emotional or psychological distress, psychological trauma, physical trauma, or PTSD is best communicated through the use of collaging, writing, drawing, and/or music.  RBT is such an innovative solution to help promote self esteem, and healthy development.  The aim of the Right Brain Therapy solution is to create a wealth of positive attitudes and overall mental health for our clients.

We offer counseling, and intensive therapy sessions (this is usually done on the weekend with sessions scheduled throughout the day and homework assignments).  In 2016 we are happy to announce that we will be opening a day program in the Bedford TX., clinic.  Write for more information click here to send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your journey to mental and emotional health.

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