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Description and Instructions: 


The Brain Map is a self-report tool developed from 27 years of research into how people express feelings, thoughts, perceptions and behaviors through symbolism.

When a region on the brain blinks, tap a color on the palette below the brain image to fill the region with that color. At the conclusion, the user will have the option to purchase a unique profile that will be automatically generated. 

Our hope is that other clinicians and researchers use these apps to conduct more study on the role that the brain plays in the different aspects of life. Each of these profiles is designed to provide insight into a specific area of life.

When selecting the Standard option, the client is provided with a profile of their general state of mental health. The insights from this profile can help clients can help them improve their lives or gain better self understanding, which can also be helpful if shared with a therapist or counselor.

When selecting the Leadership option, the app provides a profile of characteristics relating to the leadership style of the individual. These insights can help the client become aware of strengths and weaknesses. This information also provides advice on how an individual can improve their leadership style. Leadership training that emphasizes individual personality rather than only general principles is often more powerful. The insights gained from this app can be utilized to aid individuals in capitalizing on strengths and correcting weaknesses.

When selecting the Relationship option, the app provides a profile that focuses on the ability of an individual to function in relations to others. These insights can help an individual prepare for or improve the health of an existing relationship. This profile option can also be used by marriage counselors for couples counseling.

  • The app is designed for ANDROID and iOS phones and tablets. 
  • The app can be purchased and installed via Google Play or the iOS App Store. 
  • To copy the text portion of your profile to the clipboard, press the "copy to clipboard" icon on the Android version or the "copy" text on the iOS version. Navigate to a document or email, touch and hold on a blank portion of the text field, and press the "paste" option. 

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