A Note from Rocky

In all honesty, I have to admit that I was more than skeptical of the clinical theory behind Right Brain Therapy (RBT) when I met Dr. Mungadze in April of 2006.  However, I was new to the counseling field so I tried to keep an open mind. He told me that a person could color a brain map and it would reveal things about the person, their perspectives, and their emotional state, based on which colors were used to color the various brain structures.  In addition, Dr. M told me that a person could put together a collage and it would reveal things about the person such as their current life as well as the past, their view of the future, their desires and struggles, their hopes and dreams, their beliefs and fears, and their relationships both past and present, depending on the types of images they included and where the images were placed on the collage.  It all sounded like utter nonsense to me.

Over time as I observed Dr. Mungadze work with his clients, and as I utilized the RBT treatment protocol and techniques with the clients he has entrusted into my care, I became fully convinced of the therapeutic efficacy of RBT and the validity of the theory behind RBT.  The brain map has proven to be a highly accurate diagnostic indicator, both in assessing new clients and in tracking each person’s progress throughout the therapeutic process. Creative art work, such as collageing or drawing, has proven to be highly effective in helping trauma survivors to heal from the psychological wounds from various forms of trauma; and in assisting clients to overcome depression, anxiety, grief, anger, chemical dependency,  and other issues.

Over the years I have seen firsthand how RBT enables clients to face and overcome issues that have troubled them for years, and in many cases RBT has enabled clients to overcome issues that other forms of therapy have proven to be ineffective in addressing.

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