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Defeating Darkness

Dr. Mungadze explores the reality of the battle we all face in our lives and presents the truth as backed by scripture. This series exposes the enemy and his tactics by demonstrating how and why the adversary is fighting for your life and how you can be spiritually equipped to fight and win by arming your brain for battle. 

Defeating Darkness: Part 1: 
Historical View of The Battle
Defeating Darkness: Part 2:
The Adversary
Defeating Darkness: Part 3:
The Antichrist Spirit
Defeating Darkness: Part 4:
The Whole Armor of God

Managing Your Brain, Managing Your Life

Dr. Mungadze teaches methods of retraining the brain to resolve a host of problems involving thinking, emotions and behavior. The viewer will receive practical, scriptural and scientific tools to better manage all areas of mental and emotional life. 

Managing Your Brain, Managing Your Life: Part 1:
Thinking and Perception
Managing Your Brain, Managing Your Life: Part 2:
Emotions and Reactions
Managing Your Brain, Managing Your Life: Part 3:
Identity and Behavior
Managing Your Brain, Managing Your Life: Part 4:
Managing Your Will and How You Relate

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